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Reaching Out to Our Heroes At Home and Worldwide.

Partner With Us



When you share the information listed above, one of our volunteers will contact you promptly.  There are several ways businesses partner with Operation Shoebox.

  • Your business may commit a monthly or one-time gift.
  • Your business may provide supplies or goods as a donation.
  • Your business may host a fundraising day to raise awareness about Operation Shoebox.
  • Your business may use one of the service providers that partners with us.                           –For example, Genesis Processing donates a portion of all credit card fees from participating merchants to our organization through a program called Genesis Gives.  This provides a steady, consistent revenue stream to our organization while guaranteeing your business savings; you give monthly and save money at the same time.   If they are unable to save your organization money, they still donate $200 to our organization and $200 to you for your time.
  • Your business may develop another unique way to help our organization reach out to our troops.  We invite you to share your ideas with us!


Operation Shoebox operates almost entirely on a volunteer basis. When a business partners with us to reach out to heroes at home and around the world, its support meets ongoing needs like postage costs and expediting urgent requests. Regular support enables us to respond quickly to reported needs on the ground.

We are proud to recognize our business partners on our website. We also encourage you to feature our organization on your website as one of the causes to which you are committed.

We are also happy to supply our service providers and business supporters with collateral material, such as window decals or table tents.  These items that bear our logo remind clients that, “a part of every charge goes to supporting our troops through Operation Shoebox.”

Please let us share our mission with you so that you can understand why we are passionate about meeting the practical needs of our troops.  Whether you simply gain a better understanding of our armed forces or you choose to become an Operation Shoebox partner, we promise that a few minutes will change your outlook permanently.


My name is Sergeant Carlos Valdez. I just received my care package from Operation Shoe Box today and I felt a need to email you guys back home and thank you for all the help and support all the volunteers have given to soldiers like myself. It’s been a while since I received mail here and this was definitely a moral booster. I would also like to thank Eleanor Sullivan from Summerfield Florida for the lovely card sent in my package, please let her know that her kind words didn’t go unnoticed and … Read more

SGT Carlos Valdez

My name is Brad Nelson and I received a care package from you today. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Myself along with the rest of my company is extremely grateful for your generosity. The treats that you sent were a huge boost in moral and made my day along with many others. It is such a great feeling to know that there are people like you who are willing to support our troops.

CW2 Brad Nelson

Just a quick note to say thanks for the care packages that you sent over to the 371st SUS BDE. The soldiers really like the items and even more is the fact that there are people like you that care and think about us while we are away from our families. So again I am very thankful to you. Thanks, thanks thanks.

SSG Rodney Jenkins

I just want to send a quick note to say “thank you” for all the time you spend putting together your care packages for America’s Service Members! I received one the other day and it is so nice to have some comfort items and necessities. I really appreciate your kindness, caring thoughts and prayers!

LTC John Hammer

Thank you for your support. It is amazing to watch the faces of my troop when they receive your gifts of generosity. You lift them up and keep them motivated. Thank you for everything you do.


From: SSG John S

Hello, I would like to extend a warm thank you for all that you all have done for my Soldiers located here in Afghanistan.  I am the First Sergeant for Headquarters Company.  I am just arriving to our final location and this is where we operate from.  I noticed the stockings that were sent and passed out to our Soldiers. I want you to know the looks on their faces were priceless.  Knowing they would be away from family during the holiday this let them know that they are not forgotten, Thanks… Read more

SFC M M Jr. Task Force Buffalo

My name is Lewis and I am a Warrant Officer in the US Army stationed at Kandahar, Afghanistan. My unit received your care packages the other day and I want to say thank you! The cookies and Cracker Jacks are always fun to get, but I was mostly touched by a simple handwritten note from Ruth Salerno. The soldiers here do our job because we love our fellowman and we still believe in America. We do not seek accolades, yet I find it very satisfying (and humbling) to know you believe in us. You call u… Read more

Lewis Thomas

Thank you all for the numerous packages that you sent us a few weeks ago! They were distributed all across post and our soldiers truly loved everything in them!  Your hard work, dedication and generosity is truly
appreciated.  It makes us especially happy when we see all of time, effortand care that went into packing each box.  Again, thank you all and may God Bless You!

PFC Hiss

Thank you for the care packages we received here at FOB Wright, Afghanistan. The care packages truly mean a lot to many Soldiers deployed right now. Because we are in an outlying area, many packages do not get out here fast enough for the Soldiers. When they do receive the care packages, it’s like a piece of home for many. Especially for me, I appreciate the comics, crossword puzzles, and have found good use for the tube socks also. Once again,
thank you for all of your support.

Blackwell, William H

I would like to thank you for the care packages that you sent to us. It really does mean a lot to my troops and myself when we know there are people who do care for us. We greatly appreciate your efforts in making us feel more at home away from our families. I want to let you know that your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. Thank you again.

SFC Montalvo