Joel R

May 12, 2012 Greetings Mary from Uganda, I received and distributed your fantastic contributions to troops and village children in Uganda.  Also sending greetings to volunteers at Tampa Bay Steel. We are a joint force of soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines serving/supporting the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces.   We really appreciate your support.  As is our nature to share, we have forwarded items to the families and children of the Ugandan troops. Everything is appreciated, but you have to know that the Top Ramen, jerky, candy, socks and wipes were most appreciated.   Even the cloth bags that held the items were a huge hit. I have attached a few photos.  A post card is also in the mail. The first shows children respectfully waiting for us to organize the distribution.   In the second, Navy LCDR Christopher S is handing out treats to eager children.  In the third I am sitting with kids enjoying treats.  The final two photos are happy soldiers and Marines. If we could make requests in addition to what you’ve already provided, soccer balls and Frisbee discs would be great to play with after a full day of hard training. Again, we appreciate all you do. Best wishes, Joel R, Master Gunnery Sergeant, USMC 5tn-300x225 4tn-300x225 3tn-300x225 2tn2-300x225 1tn2-300x225